Romantic Sonatas




Sleeve notes

Once again he shows himself the possessor of a massive and engulfing technique, this time supporting interpretations that glow with warmth and poetic commitment. ...his rubato is gloriously sympathetic to the composer's towering rhetoric. Again, in the Liszt Sonata, the playing is of such an unfaltering command that it allows for the finest expressive power. Giltburg's fingerwork and the even strength of his octaves are things to marvel at but what makes the playing so special is the seriousness of the approach. Hear him in the central Andante and in the valedictory close, or in the steady rather than frantic fugue commencing the final section, and you may well wonder when you last heard a performance as dignified or subtly poetic.

Gramophone, 2013

there is no denying the exceptional impact his playing makes. His virtuosity is beyond question, but it is what he does with it that makes such a difference. There is emotional power here, together with apt tonal weight, but there is also a sensitive inwardness that, in all three movements, reveals subtle expressive facets of the sonata that so often whizz by unnoticed. This performance genuinely makes you hear the music in a new light, just as his gifts of litheness, tenderness and grandeur open up beautifully fresh perspectives in the Grieg. His command of the Liszt language is equally compelling, its broad passionate sweep embracing brooding intimacy and bravura with a rich range of inflection. All in all, a recital not to be missed.

The Telegraph, October 2013