Piano Concerto No. 2 & Études-tableaux, Op. 33

Sleeve notes

Opus Klassik Awards 2018 - Best Solo Recording (20th / 21st century)

Gramophone - Editor's Choice

Gramophone - Holiday Critics' Choice

"Giltburg certainly has something fresh to say ... he says it elegantly and eloquently. in the Adagio, Giltburg's chaste accompaniment effortlessly holds the beautiful wind solos aloft. His varied articulation lends the swirls and eddies of figuration remarkable expressive vitality ... admirable attention to detail" "As one might have anticipated from Giltburg's recent recording of the Op 39 Études-tableaux, Op 33 is an equally choice offering [and] brings the same aptness." "One imagines that Giltburg must be thoroughly conversant with Rachmaninov's recorded legacy but his readings are far from simulacra. Rather than imitating Rachmaninov, Giltburg seems to imbibe the composer's spirit. Doing so, he provides the best testimony I know of that Rachmaninov's 116-year-old signature concerto still has a long, healthy life ahead of it."

Gramophone, December 2017